Soholaunch User Manual


Plugins are programs that add additional functionality to your Ultra website. You can purchase Ultra plugins from the Soholaunch Addons Store. The "Show addons compatible with" radio buttons on the addons store let you view only the plugins that work in Ultra. To view the Ultra-compatible plugins, be sure the "Ultra" radio button is selected.

The following are the main steps for installing a plugin (this assumes you already have the plugin downloaded on your computer):

  1. Navigate to the plugins tab in the Ultra Dashboard:


  2. Click Browse and navigate to the plugin .zip file on your computer. The plugin will be installed.


  3. Manage the plugin's functionality within the Manage Plugins area, or within the feature module it affects, depending on how the plugin works. Read the plugin's description or contact the developer to learn how to configure it once it's installed, if needed.

Note: Plugins can also be deleted in the Manage Plugins area. Deletions cannot be undone.