Soholaunch User Manual

Accepted File Types

Many types of files can be used. The following chart lists these accepted types, what they are generally used for, and where to go for more information.

File Extension   

File Type Description Web Site
.jpg J-Peg Image File Graphic Image
.gif GIF Image File Graphic Image
.png PNG Image File Graphic Image
.pdf Protable Document File Adobe™ Portable Document File viewable on all computers with Acrobat Reader Installed
.form Soholaunch custom form HTML code used to add customized forms to the "forms library" and shopping cart items.  
.swf Flash Movie File Macromedia™ Flash Media File
.csv Comma Separated Value File Exported file from a spreadsheet program or other software used for importing data into site management modules.  
.mp3 Music File Popular music file format
.wav Windows Audio File Windows™ audio file can be embeded to play "looped" inside page editor.
.ipix Interactive Movie File IPIX™ Interactive 360 degree movie
.mov Apple Quicktime File Apple Quicktime Video File
.avi Windows Media File Windows™ Video File
.rm Real Media File Real Audio/Video compressed movie or sound file.
.html HTML File HTML code used for adding custom programming to site pages  
.txt Text File "Notepad" Text file used for customizing areas within modules.  
.doc Document File Microsoft™ Word Document File
.xls Excel File Microsoft™ Excel Spreadsheet file
.zip WinZip File Compressed archive of files
.ppt/.pps PowerPoint File Microsoft slide show presentation files
.inc/.php Include File Custom PHP scripts