Soholaunch User Manual

Product Forms

The Soholaunch shopping cart has the option for customers to fill out a form when they check out. This way, customers can tell you specific details about the product they want. If you have a lot of varieties or options for a product, such as different colors and sizes, the form lets the customer narrow down their choice.

Here are the steps for adding a form to a product:

Step 1: Create the form

First, you need to create the custom form for the product. It’s just like creating any other form.

  1. Log in and go to the Web Forms module.
  2. Create a new form.
  3. Add the fields about the product. This is the information the customer fills out and you receive when there’s a purchase.
    Note: Make sure the form asks only for what you need, so the customer isn't bogged down in too many options but you still get the necessary information.
  4. Save the changes.


Step 2: Apply the form to the cart product

Next you need to tell the site builder which product the form should go on. To do this,

  1. Open the Products tab in the Shopping Cart module.
  2. Click Edit next to the product.
  3. Click the Advanced Options tab along the top.
  4. You’ll see a drop-down menu labeled: “When customers purchase this product require Form Data from...” Select the form that you made.
  5. Bubble whether the form should appear for each quantity of the item (if there’s more than one) or ignore the quantity and only show it once.
  6. Save the change. Customers will now see the form during the checkout steps.