Soholaunch User Manual

Global Preferences

Miscellaneous preferences, options, and settings that apply to administration of the website.


Admin Tool


Interface Language
This setting allows for the language to be set for the admin interface. Several languages are currently available with others in development. Click the drop-down to select the preferred language. Your language not there? Help us add your language to the list by visiting and helping translate the product to your preferred language!

Display Google Translation option in site editor?
Enabling this feature will allow the Google Translate system to translate the user interface and editor to your preferred language (in case your preffered language isn't listed as an option in the Interface language drop-down).

Display Google Translation option on your website for website visitors?
Enabling this feature will allow your visitors to turn on Google Translate with a button shown on your site pages.

Use UTF-8 encoding?
UTF-8 encoding is made available for languages utilizing double-byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. The default for this setting is "Off".

Include canonical tags for S.E.O?
Ensures search engines use only one page name for your site pages to decrease the chances of duplicate content.

General Website Preferences


Default "Home" page
This page will be the first page that pulls up when a visitor arrives at your website. Also known as: start page, index page, or default page. To change the start page, click the Change link, select a different page for a start page and save.

Text Editor Mode
When this is toggled to "Advanced" the Text Editor object will display more advanced options. By default, it is toggled to "Normal" and this hides the advanced options.

Text Editor "Enter" key function
Lets you tell the Text Editor what it should do when you press the "Enter" key inside of it. You can select either a full paragraph break or only a single line break.

Text Editor should use your template's stylesheet?
Lets you tell the Text Editor to use the style sheet that is found in your current template's folder, instead of the default Soholaunch styles.

Force Text Editor Background Color
Lets you change the background color of the text editor from the default white.

Show download link below audio player?
When Yes is checked, this will make a link that lets your site visitors easily download any audio files that are on your pages.

Change Website Domain Name


This feature allows you to set the isp.conf.php file to the appropriate domain name. The isp.conf.php file controls where you get directed to when you log-in. It also controls:

  • When logging in to sohoadmin, it will try to launch the admin from the domain specified here.
  • When you place a link in your content to one of your site pages or to a file on your site, it will use this domain for the link.
  • All image paths will be called using this domain.
  • If you change this domain, it will update your domain in the 3 places above.