Soholaunch User Manual

Calendar Display Settings

To set up your calendar system's display features, click the “Display Settings” button at the top of the Calendar Menu.

Calendar Display Settings Menu


Header Text and Background Colors

You can choose the color scheme that your calendar will display to site visitors. Use the drop down color selections to change these colors to match your template and site design.

Allow the public to submit events for inclusion?

This option controls the ability of public site visitors to submit events to your public calendar(s). Submitted events will first be emailed to the specified address for approval. If you wish to accept an event for posting, click on the “Accept Event” link at the bottom of the email, which will instantly update the calendar. If you wish to disregard the submitted event, simply ignore the email.

Allow authorized users to maintain personal calendars?

If set to “Yes,” this option will automatically assign a personal Event Calendar that authenticated users, after logging in through the Secure Login System, can maintain through your web site.

Initial Calendar Display Layout

Through this option, calendars can initially be viewed in Weekly “Search Mode” or Monthly calendar view.

When you have completed your updates or entries, click the “Save Display Setup” button. This will save your display settings and return you back to the calendar display options form. From here, you may wish to start adding or editing events in your calendar.