Soholaunch User Manual

Preferences and Unsubscribes

The newsletter manager has other options to give you more control of your campaigns:

  1. eNewsletter Preferences
  2. Manually Unsubscribe Email Addresses.

The eNewsletter Preference button brings you to the settings page for your campaigns. These are global settings that are applied as the defaults in all of your campaigns.

The options are the same as the step-by-step options that appear when you create a campaign. You can overwrite them when you set up a new campaign.  To review these options further, see Email Newsletter Manager.

Manually Unsubscribe Email Addresses
This link, at the bottom of the manager, lets you enter email addresses that you want to remove from all future campaigns. By default, email addresses entered here are added to the "unsubscribe" database table in the Database Table Manager. This is the same thing that happens when your newsletter readers click the opt-out link within the newsletter itself.

Every time you send a campaign, the newsletter module checks email addresses in your recipients table against the email addresses in the "unsubscribe" table. Emails in the recipients table won't receive the newsletter if they appear in the unsubscribe table.